Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Giving Due Recognition and Status 1A-E Update

I just want to say how wonderful the staff here at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania are. From the doctors to the nurses to the CNA's, everyone is truly amazing. They always have a smile on their faces and are really great at making me feel at home here and understand how difficult this situation is for me being so far away from my family and friends. I've been in many hospitals and dealt with many different nurses and doctors over the years and the ones here truly take the cake. They have become like family and I know I will be sad to leave them once I get my new heart. You can tell that they really care about their patients and want to do everything they can to help them feel better, even if it means running down to Potbelly's to get me a milkshake or taking me to get my haircut. They even know to come into my room quietly in the morning so as to not wake me up and let me sleep in. I can't say enough how great they all are.

Now onto the serious stuff. Today is the day that my 1A-E time expires. I talked to my nurse practitioner Nicole yesterday and she said all that has to be done to extend my time is a simple conference call. That being said, the conference cll hasn't even been set up yet so I will continue on as Status 1A-E until the conference call and they are told otherwise by UNOS. I also spoke with my doctor this morning and he said I am the perfect candidate to be status 1A-E and he doesn't see my extension being denied. He also said that if it were to be denied, they would "go in with guns blazing" to get me back up to status 1A-E. It helps to know the doctors are really pushing and doing everything they can to get me a heart as soon as possible. So it looks like I will remain at HUP for the time being, although a definite length of time won't be determined until they have that conference call. I will update you all on when the conference call will take place. If not here on my blog, then definitely on the Hrt4Bryan Facebook page.

Also, for those of you dying to know about the iPad. It arrived at the Apple Service Center in California yesterday morning and I got word last night that it is unrepairable. The good news is they will replace it for free and it has already been shipped and is scheduled for delivery TODAY! It's crazy that this all was resolved in about 4 days. That's all the news I have to report for now. I'll let you know if anything else comes up.


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