Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back at HUP!

So as some of you already know my doctors decided to admit me after my right heart catheterization today. Apparently my numbers (although not much different from the last time I had this done) were still a little low and they wanted to see if they could bring them back up. The good news is that I should only be in here for a day or so which means I will spend the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday with my great friends and family!

Right now I'm feeling ok. I have the Swan-Ganz in my neck again and am back in the CCU. I like my room this time much better. It has a private bathroom and they are letting me out of bed which helps with my mood. It's bittersweet knowing that I have to go home. Only because while I'm in the hospital with the Swan-Ganz is in my neck, I'm elevated to a 1A status which means a new heart is even closer. Once it comes out and I go home I go back to my previous status of 1B. This was also the first procedure I've had since my Mom died which made it infinitely more difficult. But my Dad was here and of course, Kris stopped by to cheer me up.

In other, amazingly great news, my company held an office wide Tricky Tray for me today (yes, I missed it because I was down here at HUP) and they raised over $4000 towards my medical and travel expenses! Their aren't even words to describe the amount of gratitude I have for everyone in my office. There were over 30 baskets donated and the grand prize was a week rental of a beach house down in the Outer Banks with a wine tasting for 4. I was able to call into the office and caught the tail end of the prizes being awarded. Hearing everyone having so much fun definitely lifted my spirits! And yesterday they surprised me with an iPad so I have something keep me occupied while stuck down here. My boss, Lauren, will be planning another fundraising event soon that everyone (not just my coworkers) can come to and help with. I'll let you know when more information becomes available.

So that's all I really have to say for now. Hopefully I will be out of here by the weekend and back to the office on Monday. I will keep you all posted if anything changes and a huge THANK YOU to everyone for all of their love and support!


  1. Hi Brian,

    The people you work with sound amazing!! hope you are hanging in down there and the next day or so goes super fast!! The ipad is so amazing!! you can watch movies on netflix on it! i want one haha

    hope to see ya soon with nicole, ash and the gang!

    thinking of ya

  2. ah. sorry for spelling your name wrong!

  3. Yay!! Loving the Blog! Can't wait for tool r us was me! lol it was from geets and mine failed BLOG complaining about tools we work with lol