Thursday, January 13, 2011

New email and other good news!

Hey guys,

Since the news broke the other day that a new heart seems to be in my near future, I have decided to create an email account to handle all my heart related things. You can now contact me at if you have any questions about upcoming doctor appointments, fundraisers or if you just want to wish me luck! Also, the fundraising effort has amped up again at Smiths Detection with a Blood Drive with the American Red Cross. From what I hear, all the blood donated will be sent down to The Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. This lets all blood types to donate and allows others to benefit from the overwhelming generosity of my coworkers! I'll let all you Smiths employees know once a date has been decided on (I'm sure an office wide email will be coming out as well).

I'm also in the process of creating a Facebook "Fan Page" for everyone to become "like" and follow me there as well. I'm trying to get information out to as many people as possible so everyone stays in the loop. The page will also have pictures from fundraisers and information about how to make donations and anything else going on. We are also looking into starting a non-profit just to make it easier to hold fundraisers outside of the office. There seem to be a lot of moving parts right now but I'm confident everything will come together.

I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has offered to donate their blood for me. Unfortunately, I was only given 4 tags for people to donate directly to me. Thanks Sandy, Jamie, Joe and Linda for donating this time around! I will let you all know if it looks like I may need more (I plan on picking up another 4 tags when I go back to Philly on February 8th for my next check-up). And another thank you to Ellyn for organizing the Blood Drive and picking me up for work in the morning and to Lauren for helping to plan yet another TBD fundraiser and for helping figure the non-profit stuff (along with everything else you've done!).

Lastly, don't forget about the upcoming "A Heart On For Bryan" show on February 10th! If you have any questions about it, you can email Talk to guys soon!


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