Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Listed for 5 Months and a Big Lifestyle Change

This week will be five months since I've been listed for transplant. It seems like it's gone so fast but has taken so long all at the same time. A lot has happened in those five months and the added stress has definitely taken it's toll. My fatigue has increased substantially. My afterwork naps which used to be about a half hour have increased to an hour or even longer sometimes. My sleeping at night has been pretty good but I think the anti-anxiety medications help with that. When I wake up in the morning I am still pretty tired. I've also had a lot of trouble focusing at work because of everything going on.

So after talking to my doctors about my increased fatigue and anxiety, they've decided that it may be time for me to take some time for myself to get things in order before I go in for the transplant. I spoke with Lauren and we decided that this Friday would be my last day before  going out on disability. This allows me to finish up some things I have going on at work and not leave them high and dry, which would have been what happened if I continued to work until the call came. I'm a little bummed about having to go out but I realize that it's for the best. For seven years I've lived a seemingly normal life with this condition so for it to finally affect my way of living is a little hard to take hold of. But like everyone keeps telling me, I have to do what's best for me before anything else. I've already thought of little projects to do around the house to occupy my time so hopefully the boredom will be kept to a minimum. I've also got some things coming up to look forward to. On February 5th I'm going to see American Idiot on Broadway which should be a lot of fun.

Smiths Detection's Blood Drive with
The American Red Cross will be held on
March 9th at the Morristown Office.
Also, my job has finalized the details of the Blood Drive they are holding in my honor. It will be held on March 9th at our office in Morristown. Although my quota for blood has already been filled, the blood will be donated to the blood bank at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. That means that all blood types can donate and help other patients who may need a transfusion. I plan on picking up more tags for my direct donation when I head down to Philly on February 8th so the second round on donating for me can begin shortly there after.

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