Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Checkup

I just got home from my February checkup at HUP and it went exactly as I had expected. Everything looks good and just sit back and wait for the call. I haven't moved anywhere on the list but they said the longer I'm on the list, the more seniority I have. In about 2 weeks we will be hitting the 6 month mark which is what the said the average wait time for someone with my blood type is.

Speaking of blood. I was able to pick up new tags for anyone who would like to do a direct blood donation for me. I have type O negative blood so only someone type O negative can do a direct blood donation for me.  I was given some wrong information last time. I have 5 tags and I know a couple people have already offered to donate. If you are a match and would like to donate some blood to me, please email me at hrt4bryan@gmail.com and we will figure out how to get a tag to you. You can donate at any American Red Cross Blood Drive.

Also, don't forget that this Thursday is A Heart On for Bryan at Piano's Bar & Grill in Bloomfield. The doors open at 7pm and space is limited so arrive early to ensure you get in.

Oh, and my next appointment in Philly is set up for March 9th. They will also be doing another Right Heart Catheterization in the morning before my appointment. They don't think I will be admitted like I was in November (but they thought the same thing then). That's all the news for now.


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