Monday, February 28, 2011

6 Months & Counting

The end of February marks me being listed for transplant for 6 months. I feel frustrated that my time hasn't come yet. I know they said 6 months would be the average but I guess in my head I was looking at it as being within 6 months. It just means that it is taking longer than average which is disheartening (no pun intended).

When I think about the last 6 months, there's so much that has happened that it actually makes my head spin. That could be why I have been having so much trouble sleeping lately. My mind can be a scary place sometimes and it only seems to get worse when it doesn't stop running. Thank god I have great friends who have been putting up with all my BS, especially the last month and a half or so. But my doctors FINALLY prescribed me something to help me sleep so my mood should hopefully get better. I just started the sleeping pills on Thursday it felt so good to get a full night of sleep.

Friday night I went saw Spider-man on Broadway which was... interesting (to say the least). The stunts where cool when they worked. Spider-man got stuck hanging from the ceiling above the audience for a few minutes and I guess the cables couldn't get fixed properly so the fight scene between him and the Green Goblin (which is supposed to be the coolest scene in the whole show) consisted of the Green Goblin just flying above our heads. They must have fixed the cables during intermission because Spidey was flying around again in the second act. I can deal with the technical difficulties since the show is still in previews but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to the script and the music. The songs are just so bad. I couldn't believe it. The part of the night that really got me down was walking through the City. We parked a block and a half away from the theatre and I couldn't walk it without getting tired. I made it maybe half a block before I had to stop and rest. I've also noticed that when I do stop it takes me longer to catch my breath and for my heart rate to get back down. Looks like I'll be making a call to the doctors at HUP this week to tell them about that.

I go in for another right heart catheterization on March 9th so I'm sure they will just wait to see what the results of that are. They don't anticipate me being admitted after so the waiting will continue from home. Hopefully the waiting won't be much longer because being home isn't as fun as it may sound. I don't know how people enjoy sitting at home and not doing anything all the time. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I could drive but there's nothing I can do about that. Although, the thought of steeling my own car and going anywhere has crossed my mind. Speaking of my car, my friend Cait drove it (and me!) down to HUP to pick up some more tags for direct blood donations. I'm going to be sending them over to my job for the Blood Drive they are having in my name on March 9th. If anyone is O negative and would like to donate some blood to me please shoot me an email at and we will figure out a way to get a tag to you. You can donate at any Red Cross Blood Drive!

Also, don't forget about the Stella & Dot Jewelry Trunk Show that my friend Karen is hosting for me from now until the end of March. 25% of the proceeds will be donated directly to me. See my previous post to see how to donate to the Heart for Bryan Trunk Show. And there's also the Dash for Organ & Tissue Donation that my other friend Andrea is participating in in my honor. I've also heard small rumblings of some sort of charity event that's going to be held here in Verona. This is in the very, VERY early stages of being organized and I will let you know once more information becomes available. I literally have the best friends in the world. They do so much for me and without them, things would be so much more difficult. If you want to check in on me and see how things are going on a more day-to-day basis you can "like" the Hrt4Bryan page on Facebook.

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  1. What no mention of my b-day and my new tattoo... which was inspired by you.....