Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on my 4th Right Heart Catheterization and 6 Month Checkup

My office checkup went fine. My usual Nurse Practitioner NIcole was out sick with the flu so I saw another one who I had only spoken to over the phone a few times. She was nice but the office seemed to be in disarray and we waited quite a while to see the doctor. This made me late for my procedure which caused me to wait even longer to be brought into the Cath Lab. The staff in the Cath Lab is great. They always remember me and are so friendly.

So I guess it's good news that my right heart catheterization went fine and I wasn't admitted. But it's all how you look at it. Had my doctors seen a significant difference and admitted me, they would have kept the SWAN in my neck and I would have moved up to Status 1A while they adjusted my medication. SInce everything appeared to be OK, it was removed and I am now waiting for my heart from home, as a Status 1B. I guess I really was expecting to be admitted. I had all my bags packed and all my gadgets to keep me occupied. Two out of the last three times I had this procedure I was admitted and the one time I wasn't, the nurse told me after that she was surprised and about 80% of patients get admitted. It's safe to say I was a little bummed that I wasn't admitted since it would allow me to start to get my cluster-fuck of a life back to normal.

My next appointment is scheduled for three weeks (March 30th) instead of the usual four weeks. Apparently there is a conference and most of the doctors will be out of the office for the first 2 weeks in April. My Dad seemed annoyed with this so I will talk with my NP Nicole and see what the deal is. So in the meantime, I will do what I have been doing for the past 6 weeks and continue to wait from home. I don't really have much of a choice...


  1. But, I have to tell you it so cool to get that phone call...and the beeper going off!!!
    Much better than just hanging out in the will get plenty of that after you get your heart :O)

  2. Even I have a heart located at right side but I dont face any kind of problem as such..I am as normal as any other email